Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chillin' out in 100s

Today is it's gonna be in the 100s! As we all know, doggies are not exactly found of that. But, yesterday evening Bigby, my rescue dog, was being ADORABLE (like always.)
Here are some pictures of us having a ball:

Frannie being the Evil Cat she is

I know this picture of Bigby and I is incredibly disturbing. I just learned yesterday night that the flash makes my smile look SOOOOOO creepy. Try to block me out and just look at my adorable puppy... :)
This is Krypto after Dessert Time :)

Krypto ALWAYS licks his lips after eating peanut butter.

Bigby LOVES to get his mouth covered in Peanut-Butter

Ice Cubes

KILL RUFFLES!! (That is Bigby's favorite toy's name)... yes... they DO have names.. :)

"I love peanut-butter-covered ice cubes..." - Bigby 

Nom... Noms...
 No more peanut-butter... Bigby cry-cry now...

"I love ice cubes..."
"Hi Camera!!! I'm Krypto!"

"This is so yummy..."