Friday, August 24, 2012

 I just went to Heartland (where we got Bigby) last Sunday and brought a bunch of catnip toys from them to sell!!!
Catnip Socks! Yay!

Then Bigby went over to get Ruffles to play with.

 Then Krypto says, "Remember the rules, little bro, 'If  I can't play, no one can play'".

"But, Krypto!!! Ruffles is so cute!" Bigby whines with a lisp.
 Bigby sits down to chew his bone. "Ruffles likes to chew on the bone too, Krypto. See?"

Even, your little Mr. Hedgehog likes to chew with me.

Bigby continues chewing.

Krypto decides to sleep.